Tales from Honkai Star Rail

The Witch from Belobog

Created and written by

Sora Miyuki 空 美雪

In the frozen wasteland of Jarilo-VI, where the remnants of humanity sought refuge, there existed a resilient city known as Belobog. Situated in the heart of this icy world, Belobog stood as the last bastion of hope for its inhabitants.

Within the walls of Belobog, there resided a skilled doctor named Helena, burdened with a heavy heart. Her daughter, her precious daughter, had succumbed to an incurable disease that plagued the young ones of the city. Desperate to find a cure and save her child, Helena sought answers beyond the boundaries of Belobog's accepted medical practices, Helena made a fateful decision—to take her daughter with her into the treacherous Frozen Waste.

Helena knew that the bitter cold of the Frozen Waste could preserve life in a unique way. With great determination, she used her medical expertise to encase her daughter in a protective shell of ice, leveraging the freezing temperatures as a means to keep her alive.

For years, Helena ventured deep into the heart of the Frozen Waste, her daughter encased in ice and shielded from the harsh environment. She scoured the frozen landscape, searching for a breakthrough that could bring about a cure for the diseases that plagued their world.

As Helena delved deeper into her research, she discovered alternative methods and unconventional remedies that held promise. Drawing upon her medical knowledge and honing her skills, she developed a cure that offered a glimmer of hope for those afflicted with devastating diseases.

However, the conservative society of Belobog viewed Helena's practices with suspicion and disdain. They labelled her as "The Witch," branding her methods as dark and dangerous, despite the potential they held to save lives.

Unwilling to compromise her principles and driven by her unyielding love for her daughter, Helena made the difficult decision to leave the confines of Belobog. She ventured into the outskirts of the city, where the poor and desperate sought her help in secret.

Helena's reputation as "The Witch" grew among the people of Belobog. Whispers of her abilities spread through the city, carried by those who had witnessed the miraculous recoveries of their loved ones. Though they feared her unconventional practices, they were desperate enough to seek her aid in their most desperate moments.

The city's elite and the conservative authorities, threatened by Helena's growing influence, branded her a criminal. They labelled her as a witch and denounced her practices, attempting to suppress her unconventional methods and silence her once and for all.

One fateful night, Helena was captured by the Silvermane guards of Belobog and sentenced to a public execution. Bound and helpless, she stood before the city that had rejected her, watching as the flames licked at her feet. Her defiance burned brighter than ever, even as her body was consumed by the merciless fire.

Days turned into weeks, and the memory of "The Witch" slowly faded from the minds of the people of Belobog. The diseases continued to ravage the city, leaving behind heartbroken families and despairing souls.

And then, a glimmer of hope emerged from the ashes of Helena's sacrifice. A group of Silvermane guards, wandering through the outskirts of Belobog, stumbled upon a hidden refuge. It was Helena's sanctuary, where she had worked tirelessly to find a cure.

Within the shelter, they discovered Helena's notes, detailed research on her experimental treatments and the potential remedies she had developed, but more importantly, the Silvermane Guards made a startling discovery—the ice-encased form of Helena's daughter.

Filled with both reverence and determination, the guards carefully transported the ice-encased child back to Belobog. The news of Helena's daughter spread through the city, intertwining with the tales of "The Witch" and her unwavering love for her child.

In the heart of Belobog, the city's healers worked tirelessly to thaw the frozen child. As the ice melted away, revealing the young girl within, they marvelled at her survival against all odds. The diseases that had once threatened her existence were now dormant within her fragile body

The healers, armed with the knowledge from Helena's notes, applied the refined cure she had developed. They fought against the diseases that had plagued the city, refusing to let them claim another innocent life. And miraculously, the young girl, Helena's daughter, emerged from the clutches of the diseases that had haunted her.

Yet, the truth of her origins remained concealed from Helena’s daughter. Unaware of her mother's fate, she was placed in the loving care of the Underworld Orphanage, a sanctuary for those who had endured hardships in the frozen realm beneath the city. The staff and children at the orphanage embraced her, showering love and affection to a girl who in future becomes the hope of the Underworld, Helena’s little daughter Natasha…