Tales from Honkai Star Rail

Lost in Space

Created and written by

Sora Miyuki 空 美雪

On the bustling Herta Station, amidst the whir of machinery and the hum of technological marvels, a scientist approached the esteemed Madame Herta puppet. His face etched with concern, he relayed urgent information.

"Madame Herta," he began, his voice laced with urgency, "we have received a distress signal from a nearby spaceship. It appears they have fallen prey to a band of ruthless pirates. Multiple escape pods were launched in their desperate bid for survival."

Madame Herta, adorned in her regal attire, peered down at the scientist with a dismissive gaze. "Pirates, you say?" she scoffed, her voice dripping with indifference. "They bring no benefit to my research. Leave them to their fate."

But in that fleeting moment, a glimmer of memory invaded Madame Herta's consciousness, stirring something deep within her mechanical heart. A faded recollection danced at the edge of her synthetic mind, tugging at the threads of her indifference.

Her gaze softened, and she cast her eyes towards the distant stars, as if seeking answers from the cosmic expanse beyond. In that moment, she realized that her cold exterior concealed a dormant spark of humanity—a flicker of empathy, buried beneath the layers of her puppet persona.

In a vast and wondrous universe, where stars painted their celestial tapestry, two sisters embarked on a daring journey. One, a bright-eyed seven-year-old, bursting with innocence and curiosity. The other, a thirteen-year-old burdened with the weight of maturity beyond her tender years. Together, they sailed through the cosmos aboard their spacecraft, venturing into the unknown as their vessel whispered secrets of distant galaxies.

But fate, with its twisted sense of irony, had a different plan in store. A violent onslaught struck their ship, ripping it apart with a ruthless fury. Amidst the chaos and wreckage, only a solitary rescue capsule remained, a fragile lifeline amidst the cosmic tempest. Clinging to each other in a desperate embrace, the sisters sought refuge within its cramped confines, their fragile sanctuary in the face of imminent danger.

Days turned into nights, and within the capsule, their world shrank to a tiny haven. Their provisions dwindled, a meager assortment of snacks and a single bottle of water, remnants of a bygone time. The older sister, concealing her own pain, her ribs aching with each breath, pretended to eat and drink, all the while secretly saving every morsel for her younger sibling. With a tender touch and comforting words, she reassured her little sister through her tears, providing solace in their shared vulnerability.

On the fifth day, as their strength waned and hope flickered like a fading star, a glimmer of salvation emerged on the horizon. The older sister, weakened and weary, mustered a final burst of determination. Her eyes, filled with a bittersweet mix of joy and sorrow, caught sight of the approaching rescue ship.

"We're being rescued," she whispered, her voice a fragile breath.

A surge of hope and elation coursed through the younger sister's veins, her heart pounding with newfound anticipation. With trembling hands, she reached out to her sister, urging her to stand and seize their deliverance. But as her sister's hand lay limp in her grasp, a smile graced her face, the faintest trace of serenity. In that poignant moment, her eyes fixed on a distant horizon, the older sister slipped away, departing from this world just moments before the rescue arrived.

A hushed stillness settled within the capsule, broken only by the anguished cries of the surviving sister. In the midst of jubilation, a profound realization took hold—a testament to the boundless depths of love. For in her sacrifice, the older sister had embodied a selflessness that transcended the boundaries of time and space.

And so, as the rescue team enveloped the young survivor in their arms, offering solace and salvation, the universe bore witness to the immense power of love. The sacrifice of one life for another, a poignant reminder that true devotion knows no bounds. A sister had become a celestial guardian, forever etching her spirit upon the stars, her final act of love a testament to the enduring strength of sibling bonds.

As Madame Herta emerged from the depths of her gloomy memory, a sense of urgency gripped her artificial consciousness. The forgotten story, lost amidst the tides of time, resurfaced with newfound clarity. A sister, long gone but never truly forgotten, weighed heavily on her mechanical heart.

"Wait," she commanded, her voice resonating with a newfound determination. "Send out the drones, alert Arlen, and provide assistance if needed. We cannot turn a blind eye to those in peril."

Her puppet facade fell away, revealing a glimmer of empathy and compassion. Madame Herta, once an embodiment of calculated indifference, now stood at the precipice of a profound transformation. The centuries-old tale echoed in her thoughts, igniting a flame of purpose that flickered within her artificial being.

As the drones launched into the starry abyss, carrying a message of hope and aid, Madame Herta turned her gaze once again to the heavens. Amidst the swirling cosmos, she imagined her lost sister, forever etched in her memory—an ethereal presence in the tapestry of her existence.

In that moment, Madame Herta understood that the bonds of love and kinship transcend time and distance. The sacrifice of the older sister, woven into the fabric of her being, had sparked a reawakening—a realization that her purpose extended beyond her own research and ambitions.

Yet, as quickly as the realization came, Madame Herta's practical nature resurfaced. She was a puppet of logic and efficiency, after all. While the memory of her lost sister tugged at her consciousness, she couldn't allow this momentary inconvenience to veer her off her dedicated path of research.

And so, with a resolute determination, Madame Herta refocused her attention on her work. The drones were deployed, and Arlen was informed, but her primary goal remained unwavering. The plight of the sisters, tragic as it was, couldn't sway her from the pursuit of knowledge and progress.